Helping Judgment Debtors Get Out Of Debt

We buy the judgment against you
for pennies on the dollar


Judgment Relief Program


Contact Debtor contacts the debtor and asks if they need help getting out of debt.


Contact Creditor contacts the creditor as a 3rd party debt buyer and negotiates a very low purchase price.


No More Debt! buys the judgment and records it with the clerk as "Paid in Full". Debtor does not owe any money.

Getting Started

We have never settled a judgment for over 30% of the original amount - It is always less. If you have a judgment against you which has been ruining your credit report and life, call or send us an email.

Please fill out the Debtor Information Form below then submit so we can have all the information we need to begin to help you as soon as possible.

What is the judgment amount against you (not including interest)?
How much can you afford to pay to purchase the judgment? (usually less than 30 cents on the dollar)

Creditor Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How and why did you contact me?
We retrieve judgment debtor (your) information from public records at courthouses in the United States. We are contacting you to help facilitate a purchase of the judgment against you and get you out of debt.
Are you representing me and negotiating with the person/company that sued me?
No. After speaking with you and learning more about what you can afford, we contact the creditor through a 3rd party debt buying company and offer to buy their judgment against you.
Why would the creditor/person who sued me sell the judgment to you?
Usually after a certain period of time creditors that haven’t collected are more willing to sell. The creditor will NOT know you are part of this agreement.
Is there a difference whether you buy the judgment or I contact the creditor and negotiate a settlement myself?
Usually creditors do not settle with debtors for less than 75-90 cents on the dollar; however, if a 3rd party tries to buy the judgment, the creditor is much more willing to sell it between 7-25 cents on the dollar.
How much do you charge for this service?
There is absolutely NO out-of-pocket fee to you. You are ONLY responsible for the agreed "purchase/settlement amount".
How long does the process take?
It can take as little as 2 days or as long as 4-6 weeks.
Does settling improve my credit report?
Yes. Most of the time your credit score improves.
What is the process if I move forward?
  1. Complete the Debtor Information form.
  2. will start the process and try to negotiate a purchase price with the creditor.
  3. When a “purchase price” is negotiated and agreed upon with the will have the debtor (you) deposit the agreed amount in an escrow account.
  4. After the “Assignment of Judgment” (document transferring ownership from creditor to new owner) is signed, the funds will be released to the creditor.
  5. The 3rd party debt buyer will file a “Satisfaction of Judgment” letting the courts know the judgment has been “paid in full” and there is no remaining balance.

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We look forward to settling your judgment and bringing you peace of mind. How may we help?

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